If I am injured in a car, bus, truck or motorcycle accident in Michigan, or I am a Michigan resident involved in an out of state accident, what are my rights?

Michigan No-Fault Benefits That You May Be Entitled To:

  • Lifetime reimbursement of all accident related medical expenses
  • Lifetime nursing care/attendant care benefits
  • Up to three years of lost wages equal to 85% of your pre-accident income (subject to a monthly maximum of approximately $5,000.00) This includes persons who were temporarily unemployed and looking for work, even if you were receiving unemployment at the time of your accident.
  • Up to three years of assistance with household chores (cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.) at a rate of up to $20.00/day
  • Lifetime reimbursement of mileage and/or travel expenses to and from treating doctors
  • Lifetime reimbursement for any home modifications needed as a result of accident related injuries
  • Interest on any overdue payment
  • Attorney/lawyer fees at the discretion of a judge

First Party Rights Under The Michigan No-Fault Act:

The Michigan No-Fault Act provides first party benefits for all insured Michigan drivers, automobile passengers (whether insured or uninsured), pedestrians (whether insured or uninsured), and insured motorcyclists and passengers involved in an accident (or attempting to avoid an accident) with a motor vehicle. These benefits are all available whether the accident is your fault or not your fault!

If you are a passenger in an automobile or a bus or a pedestrian involved in a car accident, you are guaranteed all benefits that you qualify for under the Michigan No-Fault Act!

Third Party Rights (Pain and Suffering):

If you are involved in an automobile, motorcycle or bus accident that is the fault of another party and you sustain an injury that affects your ability to lead your normal life, you may also be entitled to pain and suffering and excess economic loss. Many of these injuries are life threatening and/or catastrophic, causing life altering or unfortunately, life changing results. Contact the Automobile Accident Attorneys now to learn more about the compensation available to you and/or your family for injuries sustained in an automobile, motorcycle and/or bus accident in Michigan or anywhere else in the country.