Automobile Accident Attorneys

When it comes to any type of motor vehicle, motorcycle, truck or bus accident in Michigan or involving a Michigan resident, we are the firm for you. We look after your best interests when it comes to car, motorcycle, bus or pedestrian accidents. We guarantee to get you the most out of your entitled benefits. Call us today for a free case consultation.


Auto Accident Attorneys

The attorneys at Automobile Accident Attorneys specialize in auto law and work to serve you. We can cut through insurance company red tape to ensure that you are properly compensated for any damages.

Know Your Michigan No Fault Rights

The Michigan No Fault Act guarantees first party benefits for all insured drivers that are involved in an accident, This act also applies to pedestrians and passengers whether they are insured or uninsured.

Maximize Monetary Recovery

When you come to Automobile Accident Attorneys, we will make sure to maximize the value of your monetary recovery. We will fight to get you every penny of benefits that you’re entitled to after an auto accident.